In Pictures: Taylor Swift helps Edinburgh Trams break a record

With three days of sold out concerts at Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium, Taylor Swift has helped Edinburgh Trams to a record breaking weekend with the highest number of passenger journeys for a single weekend in the history of the network.

Extra trams operated before the concerts whilst there were additional late-night services to get people home (or to their hotels) once the concert was over. Dozens of staff from across the network also volunteered to help keep people moving to their final destination.

Lea Harrison, Edinburgh Trams Managing Director, said: “The star’s Eras tour is breaking all sorts of records across the globe, and here in Edinburgh she has helped us reach new heights of customer service. Since the middle of last week, we have recorded over a quarter of a million trips, and when all the numbers have been totalled up this should give us both the highest daily and most impressive weekend figures in our 10-year history.

“The atmosphere across the network was fantastic as concert ticketholders, other customers and members of the Edinburgh Trams team soaked up the spirit of the occasion. It was certainly a weekend that everyone will remember, and we are proud to have played a part in helping the city stage such a successful stop on the superstar’s ground-breaking tour.

Preparing for the shows presented a huge challenge, but the Edinburgh Trams team certainly rose to the occasion, and I would like to thank everyone who played their part. We would also like to express our gratitude to all our customers for their cooperation and good spirits during what was an exceptionally busy weekend.”

Major events at Murrayfield are nothing new and so Edinburgh Trams have well rehearsed plans in place to move the crowds. Things are starting to get busy at Princes Street here with people waiting for a westbound tram some two hours before the start of the concert.

270 arrives at Princes Street to clear some of the crowds towards Murrayfield.

To help those from out of town (or just those not used to the trams) the trams carried these special via Murrayfield Stadium boards.

A number of trams were also turned at St Andrew Square (using the York Place crossover) to provide additional capacity. This is 265 which shows the St Andrew Square destination at St Andrew Square.

262 comes along to clear some more concertgoers from St Andrew Square. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 8th June 2024)

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