Lisbon 730 update from Beamish

Back in January 2024 it was announced that Lisbon 730 was moved from the Wirral to Beamish where it was to become a permanent member of the operating fleet in the northeast to provide additional capacity amongst the trams. The tram moved on 22nd January and was soon moved into the depot ahead of a start on the tram being prepared for service.

In a recent update on the Beamish Transport and Industry Blog it has been confirmed that work has started on the tram to “align the tramcar with our standard practices for trams, which is defined in our Safety Management System as well as the practice developed by the Beamish Tramway Group over the last fifty years or so”.

A lot of recent focus has been on the electrical systems (it has low-voltage wiring as well as traction wiring that feeds the motors) with some cabling having been renewed along with the installation of a number of fuses/protection devices.

It is hoped that this work will enable the tram to be operated on a limited basis at the Fares Please! event (29th and 30th June). This would be under a specific risk assessment and would not be a sign of the permanent entry into service of 730.

As previously announced, 730 will, in due course, receive a repaint into a local companies livery (likely to be Darlington) but to start with it will continue to run in the Lisbon colours of yellow and white.

In the blog entry Beamish do note that all this work does not suggest that there is anything wrong with the tram (it has been cleared by HMRI to be used) but more reflects the process of integrating it into the current fleet.

Meanwhile, Gateshead 10 also continues to be worked on ahead of its own return to service. There is no date for when the tram will be fully commissioned again with work still ongoing; this includes a refurbished resistance. A review of other work has also revealed some areas that they will also look at sorting (they’d originally been on a might do list but the decision has now been taken to complete the work now). This includes work on the bogies.

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