In Pictures: A trip to Crich in early May

Things remain fairly consistent at the Crich Tramway Village with the early season still seeing the museum open Saturday to Thursday every week and most opening days seeing a three tram service in operation. The three trams (occasionally two based on volunteer availability) are generally chosen from a group of nine enclosed cars with no open cars having yet seen use this season. On the day of Trevor Hall’s visit on Saturday 7th May the chosen three were Oporto 273, Sheffield 510 and Liverpool 869 and in this article we see those three running in addition to some views around the depot.

As well as 273, 510 and 869 other trams to have seen use so far this year are Blackpool pair 167 and 630, Leeds trio 180, 345 and 399 and Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331, along with Berlin 223 006-4 as the access tram.

A round-trip from Town End to Glory Mine and back is currently taking around half an hour to complete as a result of some slow running due to a few overhead issues. The trams are running up to Glory Mine “non-stop” (not stopping at any stops for passengers but stopping at passing points) before calling at all stops on the return journey.

  • Crich is open Saturday to Thursday until Thursday 21st July with the exception of Saturday 11th It will also be open on Friday 3rd June (Platinum Bank Holiday). More details of opening times and future opening dates at

Oporto 273 at Stephenson Place.

Liverpool 869 arrives back at Stephenson Place as it passes Bedford OB/Duple GAL 967.

Sheffield 510 heads off up the line with another journey.

London County Council 1 is back in the Workshop after its recent adventure on the depot fan running under its own power. Leeds 180 is alongside.

Newcastle 102 is back in the depots awaiting final commissioning and testing before returning to service. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 7th May 2022)

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8 Responses to In Pictures: A trip to Crich in early May

  1. Andrew says:

    Lovely pictures! I do hope the open cars will be appearing soon though, its a real shame that the likes of 510 and 869 have dominated the output on some really nice days recently. Personally I’d not be that keen to ride on a poorly ventilated tram as Covid is still very much around!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ridiculous that they are not serving every stop. I can understand not packing to capacity so why can a Conductor not just sy sorry, full on the trips a car is full? Or a sign saying trams only stop if sufficient room or somesuch and run a 3 bell load.
    Everywhere else is running normally. Coupled with no open top/balcony and a speed limit it doesn’t make Crich inviting!

  3. Steve Hyde says:

    I am sure that the museum would love to be able to provide its normal full service. However they appear to be trying to give the best they can. If some speed restrictions are needed for a safe service them it will obviously mean journeys take longer. I am sure their efforts are being directed towards rectification and as for the tram selection then commissioning all weather cars at this time of year makes sense. Perhaps if some of you complaining got of your backs to help things would improve more quickly.

    • Andrew says:

      I wouldn’t consider my comment a complaint, more of an observation. Normally I wouldn’t be too bothered which trams are running but as I said, Covid is still around and ventilation is important to those of us who still take it seriously. Personally I’d not choose to sit in a well-filled 510 at the moment, indeed I believe one of the reasons it sat out 2020-21 was due to the poor ventilation inside it.

      Assuming the second Anonymous post is accurate, then I certainly hope the issues can be resolved for the high summer season. Crich have been unlucky with the open cars recently – 102, 159 and 166 all went through the works last year in preparation for 2022, only to have the best laid plans go awry. That said, I don’t blame the TMS, these things happen and I still hope to visit again this year. I’m much more forgiving of things that go wrong like this and people try their best despite challenges, than when poor management decisions lead to a worse visitor experience! And at least they have a big operational fleet so there are always some lovely restored trams to ride on!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s possible to criticze and still support, but in the days of sky high fuel prices etc I don’t blame people for not visiting at the moemnt when there are no open toppers etc. I note your comment of getting off your backs – how do you know those people don’t or haven’t in the past, don’t just assume. And there aren’t that many people qualified to help with the issues preventing open top and balcony use or the reason for the speed limits.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Except the use of fully enclosed cars is not a commissioning issue. The overhead is in such a poor condition there is the very real fear that sections might fall onto passengers so therefore all balcony and open top trams are currently banned from operation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The enclosed pool is also now lacking 345 which seems to have been badly damaged in a 3 car collision in depot involving 106 and 166.

  6. Richard says:

    Hopefully the overhead can be repaired and made safe as soon as possible 🤞

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