In Pictures: Overhead back all the way to North Station

After what seems to have been some time since there was even the glimpse of positive news for the start of tram services to Blackpool North Station its somewhat pleasing to report that the last week or so has seen a slight change which may just be good news that we may see trams running that way at some point in the future. Photos courtesy of Peter Dockerty.

As we know the extension of the tramway up Talbot Road and to its new terminus at North Station has been much delayed with the main blame put on the construction of the Holiday Inn and associated restaurant. But the hotel is due to open from 1st May which means that should be out the way and there should at some point be some progress on trams once again running on the extension for testing/commissioning (don’t forget testing did take place a couple of years ago before it all stopped).

The approach to the tram terminus is currently surrounded by what is in effect waste ground although it should at some point become a car park, not that work for this has started just yet. However, one change in connection with that since we least featured the site is that heavy duty matting has now covered the tram tracks which you would guess is suggesting more work in the surrounds is imminent with the need for some form of machinery to be used, but nothing official on that.

But probably the much more positive news is that the overhead wires now lead all the way up to the end of the line once again. These had been removed during hotel construction works but they’re not back in place which even the most cynical may consider a small positive development.

A view across the site showing the heavy duty matting in place across the tracks. (Photograph by Peter Dockerty, 30th March 2024)

A view to the end of the line showing the wires all back in place. Meanwhile, on the right some of the concrete has now been dug up. (Photograph by Peter Dockerty, 7th April 2024)

Also recently appeared on the worksite are these posts which are presumably bollards to be installed. (Photograph by Peter Dockerty, 6th April 2024)

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8 Responses to In Pictures: Overhead back all the way to North Station

  1. Nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    With reference to the nightclub visible in the background of one picture, not so long ago it seemed there was more likelihood of seeing a handbag actually take flight, if not pigs, than to witness that start of tram services to North Station. Dare we now hope that there will be trams running in time for the Illuminations at very least, allowing visitors to make the connection with ‘Blackpool North Train Station’ by ‘streetcar’ (to be consistent with terminology)?

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    Looks like the evil spirit on the wall behind the last picture has put a curse on the line ever opening.

  3. Count Otto Von Dusseldorf says:

    Apparently according to Talbot Gateway internet info you can email this Blackpool council worker with questions about the project including the hotel and tram terminus. Got an automated reply yesterday (APRIL 15th) saying he was ” out of office till March 16th”. ????But that was a month ago????Anyway my questions about a confirmed opening date and timetable publishing date for the extension hopefully will be answered soon. Or maybe not,????

    • RD Talbot says:

      Ah but March 16th of what year?? Is it like the opening of the tramway itself – we’ll tell you what date but not in what year…

      • Count Otto Von Dusseldorf says:

        The email said Tuesday 16th March- which this year was a Saturday not a Tuesday. Looking at some of the Talbot Gateway info and glaring errors are a map with Dickenson Rd instead of DICKSON. Also some text stating that Preston is 11 miles from Blackpool North. I know it is about 17 miles by road and by rail is probably shorter but I doubt as short as 11 miles?????

  4. John says:

    At the Blackpool attractions season launch the council representative was telling everyone mid May.

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