Picture in Time: Blackpool OMO 13

We move forward in time for this week’s “Picture in Time” as we now arrive in October 1978.

A photo at Fleetwood Ferry with the last bits of daylight seen on the horizon as the last of the OMO cars – 13 – waits ahead of departure to Starr Gate. Headlights, saloon lights and street lights reflect in the puddles on the road as the tram hopes to get some custom although for now, at least, it seems that it will be a lonely trip back south. With it being October the tram will offer a trip through the lights at standard fares so maybe a bit further along the line it will prove to be more popular.

13 had only been in service for a couple of years by the time this photo was taken having entered service in June 1976 with conversion coming from English Electric Railcoach 618. It would only last eight years in service with withdrawal coming in 1984 and scrapping in March 1985.

Photograph by Donald Brooks, October 1978

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