In Pictures: Metrolink 3133 delivered to Manchester

The deliveries of Manchester Metrolink’s M5000s seems to have settled into a regular pattern now with the latest example – 3133 – arrived at Queens Road Depot three weeks after the last on Saturday 6th November.

Taking the now incredibly familiar route to reach Manchester the tram arrived at 1400 on Saturday 6th November – slightly later than its usual lunchtime arrival – and was soon off-loaded to allow a start to be made on its commissioning before it its cleared to enter service.

It joins the previous arrival, 3132, in going through the standard commissioning process (although we fully expect 3132 to enter service very soon as we have now written this line!) and will enter service in due course adding more capacity to the network and possibly allowing for further double trams to be used in the busy run-up to Christmas.

There are now 14 further M5000s to arrive in Manchester.

3133 arrives in Manchester for the first time on the back of the low loader. As with previous arrivals it is missing its spots which will be applied at Queens Road before it enters service. (Photograph by Ben Worsley)

A side view of 3133 as it arrives in the dank and dismal Manchester weather of 6th November.

The headlights of the lorry shine brightly as 3133 is backed down into the depot.

3133 in the depot and awaiting unloading. (Photographs x3 by Reece Hughes)

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