Contactless payments introduced on Blackpool’s trams

It seems to have taken a while but the Blackpool Tramway now accepts contactless payments following a extensive period of testing, trialing and preparing. Single and most Saver tickets can now be purchased from the on-board conductors using a contactless form of payment, including Google and Apple pay.

All tickets still need to be purchased from the conductor – unless you have pre-purchased using the Blackpool Transport app which remains in place – and all you have to do is ask for the type of ticket you want and then just pay contactless. There will be no need to tap out when you get off the tram so its as simple as your contactless payment method replacing cash – although cash payments can still be made if that’s your preferred way to pay for things.

All single and Saver tickets (except for the 30 day version which must be purchased online or via the app) are available using contactless payments. You can either use a contactless enabled debit or credit card or Google or Apple pay. You aren’t able to pay by using your PIN so if you don’t have a contactless form of payment you must use cash.

Progress is Blackpool’s motto and finally the trams have caught up with other transport networks in the country by allowing contactless payments.

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2 Responses to Contactless payments introduced on Blackpool’s trams

  1. David says:

    Heritage tickets?

  2. John1 says:

    Heritage Trams have had a card machine since last Summer but each Tram doesn’t have one yet as far as I know.

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