In Pictures: More tracklaying on Trams to Newhaven project

Although we saw at the end of last week that the schedule for completing each section of the Trams to Newhaven project has been slightly changed because of delays caused by the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that excellent progress hasn’t continued to be made on the first sections of constriction – far from it! In this latest pictorial update we take a look at the far end of the line at Newhaven, Ocean Drive and Stevedore Place.

Two views at Newhaven where the city bound line has already been concreted. There will be platforms constructed either side of the tracks here.

Rail is in place in Ocean Drive but has yet to be installed. The Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre is the building in the far distance. As can be seen the track will curve at this location.

Track laying is also underway in Stevedore Place with some of the Newhaven bound track already in place. (All Photographs by John Hampton)

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