In Pictures: Latest update from Wilko’s demolition

In the latest instalment of our update on the demolition of the old Wilko’s store on Talbot Road in Blackpool we see the excellent progress that continues to be made on its removal as at Friday 30th October. Almost two months into the demolition over half of the structure has now been raised to the ground. Once the building is completely removed attention can then be turned towards preparing the site for the tram terminus and hotel which are both due to be completed by 2022. Tony Armitage provides the images once more.

Taken across Talbot Road here we see the side of the building with a lot of the structure now clearly removed.

A seagull flies across as we take a look to the former entrance of the building.

Looking down from Dickson Road at the demolition site with plenty of machinery in situ.

The one section which still looks as it did when Wilko’s moved out (if you don’t look too far down Talbot Road at any rate). At the rate of progress though it won’t be too long before this too is just a memory. (All Photographs by Tony Armitage, 30th October 2020)

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