In Pictures: Wilko continues to be demolished

Good progress continues to be made on the demolition of the old Wilko store at the junction of Talbot Road and Dickson Road in Blackpool. Of course, the land which will be freed up by this demolition will enable not only a new hotel to be built but also the construction of a terminus for the tramway extension from Talbot Square. The work on removing the building is due to continue until the end of the year. Tony Armitage provides us with these images from 7th and 10th October.

The latest progress on the demolition is seen in this view across Talbot Road. As can be seen more of the building on the right hand side has now been demolished. Also note that new fencing is being constructed around the worksite.

A closer view of the demolition site showing the inner workings of the building and some of the rubble which has been removed from the structure.

Three days later on 10th October and further progress has been made on the building. The blue fencing also seems to have been extended.

Another look closer at the building with diggers and rubble in the foreground. (All Photographs by Tony Armitage)

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