Bury line goes over to Line of Sight operation

Manchester Metrolink’s Bury line has become the latest section of the network to be fully converted to TMS control with the final section between Whitefield and Bury Interchange moving over on Monday 24th August.

This final section of the Bury line has also involved the level crossing at Hagside where the old style railway barriers have been taken out of use. A speed restriction is now in place across the crossing with trams also required to stop before heading over this crossing at extreme caution. Sightlines for both trams and road vehicles have also been improved on the approach to the crossing.

With the Bury line fully under TMS operation this now means that there is no restriction on which trams can run on this section of Metrolink. Previously only those fitted with ATS and VRS equipment could run to Bury but this has already changed with all 120 able to run to Bury.

The only line on Metrolink which is still controlled by traditional block signalling is that to Altrincham with the section between Brooklands and Altrincham being so controlled, this includes the Network Rail zone from Timperley to Altrincham.

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