7 moves to Seaton as preparations for Tramathon Live continue

It’s a tram which hasn’t been used in service for over ten years but it has recently been moved from Riverside Depot down to Seaton terminus in preparation for a week long of remote events as part of Tramathon Live. We are, of course, talking about no. 7 which was towed by no. 8 on Tuesday 2nd June.

This was just the second time in 14 years that 7 had been out of the confines of Riverside Depot and gives some great visibility to the tram, which it is hoped can be restored back to service in the near future. There were originally hopes it could be back in time for the 50th anniversary celebrations, due at the end of August, but with the various restrictions in place this year that is pretty unlikely now but part of the money raised through the Tramathon Live event is expected to go towards this tram’s return to the tracks.

Tramathon Live is a unique week long event between Monday 8th and Friday 12th June with a behind the scenes look at the tramway during lockdown and culminating in a 24 hour tram trip from Thursday 11th June – which will take place live online! Amongst the events taking place on their Facebook page will be how the tramway operates their daily service, depot tours, a Driver’s Eye trip and Q&A’s with some of the Seaton Tramway team.

Its all in aid of fundraising for the tramway and anyone who donates at least £5 before 12th June will be entered into prize draws for many different prizes, including free lifetime travel! Prizes will be drawn live online during the 24 hour Tramathon. As at 28th May they had already raised £1614.50 and if you haven’t donated yet – and even if you have and re feeling more generous! – you can do so by going to the Seaton Tramway website. You can also be entered into the draw by buying one of their “Hero Tickets” (valid for travel on any one day up until the end of December 2021) or by purchasing Gift Vouchers.

The whole Tramathon Live event will be available at http://www.facebook.com/SeatonTramway.

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