Picture in Time: Blackpool Twin Car 673+683

We are off to Blackpool this evening this latest archive image and this time we find ourselves in 2001.

For many enthusiasts the Twin Cars are a very popular class of tram, possibly helped by their rarer use in service than many of the other classes of tram in Blackpool. It is one of these Twin Cars which features in this photo with 673+683 just at Central Pier heading for Pleasure Beach during 2001. It seems to be a pretty lightly loaded journey with the towing car (which is the rear vehicle here) seemingly being completely devoid of passengers.

In 2001 673+683 were in the standard 1990s fleet livery as carried on these trams complete with green skirt and it is also carrying the 1990s safety posters just by the centre entrance. The traditional pencil block capital destination blinds are also in place. This tram is still extant today and is part of the Fleetwood Heritage Trust collection stored in Wyre Dock in its Metro Coastlines livery.

Photograph by Jonathan Jarvis

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