In Pictures: New Passenger Information Displays for West Midlands Metro

New Passenger Information Display screens are now being installed across the West Midlands Metro network as part of the continued improvements for passengers. The two new stops on the Birmingham Westside extension had these new screens installed from now and now Wednesbury Parkway, Wednesbury Great Western Street and Black Lake have also seen them fitted.

Larger than the original displays which they are replacing they can display the next three departures along with the current time and also the date. Unfortunately, they still aren’t big enough to display the full word Wolverhampton with Wolv’hampton having to be displayed. It will be interested to see what is displayed once the extension to Wolverhampton Railway Station opens with some services heading there and others to the existing terminus at St George’s.

Three images showing the new displays at Black Lake. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 23rd February 2020)

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One Response to In Pictures: New Passenger Information Displays for West Midlands Metro

  1. scott280595 says:

    I’ve also seen them installed at Bull Street, Corporation Street, and Priestfield. They’re a lot better than the ones they are replacing at the original stops. These new displays update more frequently, and are more accurate.

    The original displays at the original stops only updated when the message at the bottom had finished scrolling, so in many cases, 1 minute turned out to be more than 1 minute!