Tyne and Wear Metro performance on the up

It is that time once more as we take a look at performance on the Tyne and Wear Metro where there has been a welcome upturn in the percentage of trains running on time – with it reaching the highest level since October.

In this period (5th January to 1st February) a total 82% of trains were considered on time (within three minutes earlier or 30 second later than timetabled) which was a 14% increase from the previous period. Now, that’s where it gets a bit confusing as the new poster gives the previous period as being 68% whereas it was originally reported as 73%. The reason for this? Nexus have now taken into consideration the two days of strike action which saw no trains running and hasn’t beforehand. In comparison to the same period twelve months ago there is also a small increase as this was reported as 81%.

The two issues which affected punctuality in this period were a signalling fault at Jesmond as a result of a power failure on 23rd January and then seven days later a network failure causing a system wide power loss. In both cases Nexus are investigating what caused these issues to try and ensure that there are measures in place to prevent them in the future.

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