In Pictures: Failed Flexity rescued at Fleetwood

Blackpool’s Flexity2 trams are usually some of the most reliable trams in the UK with reports of complete failures pretty unusual. However, on 3rd January 2020, 013 was declared a failure at Fleetwood Ferry which not only required fitters attention but also the use of 001 to tow it back to depot.

It is understood that the pantograph on 013 had been lowered and it was then not possible for it to be raised again which meant the tram was unable to move from the platform at Fleetwood Ferry. Enter 001! The original Flexity2 ran up behind 013 and was coupled to the stricken tram with the aim of removing it. Unfortunately the brakes were locked which meant this move was not possible and with the equipment to release the brakes back at Starr Gate Depot the fitters had to head all the way back south to get it!

Once the equipment was returned and the brakes were released 001 was coupled to 013 and proceeded to propel the failed tram to the loop on Fleetwood Esplanade. With this task completed 001 was uncoupled and returned to the Fleetwood Ferry stop where it then used the other line on the Esplanade to get the other side of 013. Moving onto Pharos Street 001 then reversed back onto the front of 013 where it was recoupled and the pair were then able to embark on their return to Starr Gate.

013 with no power at Fleetwood Ferry tramstop.

Rescue comes in the form of Mooky the Clown? 001 with its Merlin attractions advert is coupled to 013 and plans are made to tow 013 back to Starr Gate.

The North Euston Hotel is framed by 013 and 001 with the rare sight of the couplings seen.

013 and 001 are now on Fleetwood Esplanade after the broken down tram was moved onto the loop.

Another look at 001 and 013 on Fleetwood Esplanade.

An alternative view of 001 and 013.

001 is seen here gently backing back onto the front of 013 as the rescue mission continues.

In this view we again see 001 backing back onto 013 on Fleetwood Esplanade. (All Photographs by David Evans, 3rd January 2020)

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