Full Tram-Train service resumes

For the first time in two months a full three an hour service has resumed on the Stagecoach Supertram Tram-Train service between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate. The service has been dogged by issues since the end of 2019 with vehicle availability the main cause but these have now seemingly been resolved, at least for now, allowing the new timetable to be finally introduced in full.

It was mid-late November that the full three an hour service had last operated with the service then reduced to two each hour to allow for Stadler to undertake “improvement modifications” to the Citylink tram-trains. It had originally been planned that this would be completed by mid-December with a full service resuming from Monday 16th December but this was quickly followed by the complete withdrawal of the tram-trains and no service at all.

The reduced two an hour service was reintroduced from 17th December 2019 (the afternoon of) but for the next month it has remained at this lower level – until now that is!

From the start of Monday 20th January 2020, the full three tram-trains resumed with a very brief statement from Supertram saying: “Great news… We are happy to announce that a full service is now operating on the Tram Train route! Thank you for your patience.”

This is the first time that the full new timetable, with later services throughout the week, has operated, having originally been planned to start on 15th December.

Hopefully, the problems with the tram-trains are now a thing of the past and the service can continue problem free for the foreseeable future.

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