Isle of Man Railways continue to review options for Ramsey

For the past couple of years all Manx Electric Railway services to Ramsey have been forced into terminating short of the old station site due to a combination of the poor state of the track (although it can still be used on a limited basis, mainly for the stabling of trams during busy period) and also plans to redevelop the area into a major transport interchange for the town. After previous plans were refused permission Isle of Man Railways have been continuing to review their options with the latest update in local media suggesting this will be concluded within the next few months.

The original plans would have seen the current Ramsey Station demolished and replaced by a combined tram and bus station with the existing bus station closed and redeveloped. However, these plans were refused on the grounds that it would have caused significant harm to the character and appearance of the area.

Since this refusal in 2015 Isle of Man Railways are said to have been reviewing what they can do to bring operations on one site, and proposals which would not fall foul of the planning inspectors decision are being considered. They have said that significant design and costing work has now taken place and a “small” number of options are now being considered which both meets best value and safety and operational requirements for the interchange.

Isle of Man Railways have said they expect to have concluded this review in the next few months which will then be followed by consultation and then a formal planning application.

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