Punctuality and reliability down on Metrolink again

The Manchester Metrolink performance figures for the four weeks between 21st July and 17th August are out and for the second successive period there has been a small decrease in both punctuality and reliability across the network.

For these four weeks exactly 90% of trams departed less than two minutes late (down from 90.9% in the previous period, this does mean that over the past eight weeks there has now been a 2% fall in punctuality). This time around the East Didsbury line has seen the highest punctuality with 95.5% of trams running within two minutes of their timetabled departure with the Airport line at the other end of the scale with only 86.2% of trams on time.

Reliability has also seen a similar fall with 97.4% of planned miles having operated during these four weeks; this was a fall of 1.5% from the previous period and again shows a 2% decrease in the previous two periods combined. The majority of the lines are around the same figure with top of the pops being the Oldham and Rochdale line (99.1%) compared to 95.1% on the Altrincham line.

Other figures also given in this release include 0.70% of all journeys being cancelled and 0.91% of all journeys running short.

The stats also usually give reasons for poor performance and what Metrolink have done to improve things in the past four weeks. However, this time around those sections seem to have been left blank so your guess is as good as ours!

* The full stats can be downloaded from the TFGM website.

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