In Pictures: Classic Transport Gathering at Crich

The Sunday and Monday of the August Bank Holiday weekend was met with fine and sunny weather at the Crich Tramway Village as their latest Classic Transport Gathering took place featuring visiting vehicles dating from pre-1979. On Sunday 25th August a five tram service was provided with an excellent good weather selection of trams in use for visitors – Chesterfield 7, Blackpool 40, London County Council 106, Blackpool 166 and Blackpool 236. Hazel Quarmby was also there and has sent us the following images.

This first image shows a busy old scene at Victoria Park with three trams and a couple of classic cars keeping the burger van company! Chesterfield 7 is heading up the line as Blackpool 166 and London County Council 106 pause at the stop.

Blackpool Toastracks of different eras with the Luxury Toastrack – better known to us as a Boat Car of course – 236 at the front with traditional 166 behind.

Chesterfield 7, Blackpool 236 and Blackpool 166 are seen here at Stephenson Place awaiting their call forward to head back up the line.

Another view of 7, 236 and 166 at Stephenson Place.

All five operational trams are seen together here as LCC 106 heads off past the queue of Blackpool 40, Chesterfield 7, Blackpool 236 and Blackpool 166. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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