Edinburgh Trams supports Pedal for Scotland again

The annual Pedal for Scotland event, due to be held on Sunday 8th September, will once again be supported by Edinburgh Trams with extra trams due to run in the early morning exclusively for participants in the event between Haymarket and Ingliston Park and Ride.

Over 10,000 riders are attracted to the event with the Event Village located just a short distance from Ingliston Park and Ride making the tram the ideal way to get there both for participants and those cheering on friends and family. The event consists of the Classic Challenge from Glasgow to Edinburgh and the Big Belter from Glasgow to Edinburgh and back.

Anyone who has pre-purchased a “Tram Transport” wristband will be able to travel on additional non-stop trams running between Haymarket and Ingliston Park and Ride with these due to run between 0400 and 0630 approximately every 20 minutes. There will also be a dedicated return service between 1100 and 1800. Travel on these services must be pre-booked through Pedal for Scotland’s website.

A normal tram service will also run throughout the day but only two bikes per tram will be able to be carried.

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