Picture in Time: Seaton Tramway 12

As we move to featuring Seaton in Picture in Time this week we take a look at the most rebuilt tram in the fleet – no. 12.

Taken on 11th July 1990 this photo shows 12 in its first double deck condition which it had received 10 years earlier in 1980. Having been originally built in 1966 as a single decker this double deck design was the highest capacity tram in the fleet and certainly had a passing resemblance to a Blackpool Balloon open topper especially with the green and cream livery applied. Featuring a crossbench lower deck and canopy on the top deck it proved to be a popular tram but in 1999 it was decided to rebuild it once more into a Feltham type open topper – another popular design for the tram and a style which has been its longest yet.

In this photo we see with its trolley being turned at the Seaton terminus alongside the now long-gone holiday camp.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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