Picture in Time: Rigby Road Depot, Blackpool

For the next few weeks we will be featuring a selection of images taken at Blackpool’s Rigby Road Depot in May 1997. At a time when there was no problem with enthusiasts wandering in to look at the trams we see some long-lost liveries and trams no longer operational.

In this week’s photo the main focus of attention are three trams at the front of the depot. On the left we see Boat 604 in its Routemaster Red and White livery with Travelcard adverts. This tram is currently out of service awaiting workshop attention but is once again in Green and Cream and has been a key member of the heritage tram fleet in the early years of Heritage Tram Tours.

Alongside we see two Twin Cars – one with motor leading and the other with the trailer at the front. The central tram is 671+681 whilst 686+676 are on the right hand side. Both Twin sets are in the 1990s Green and Cream livery and of note is that although set 1 has blinds set for its return to depot on its previous use set 6 is blinded for Starr Gate. Both of these trams are part of the heritage tram collection at Rigby Road today but neither are operational.

This photo was taken on 8th May 1997.

Photograph by Ken Jones

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