Planning application submitted for tram marquee in Douglas

Whilst we still don’t quite know when the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway may start running in 2019 (25th April is still the nominal date announced but is subject to change depending on progress on the Prom reconstruction works) plans are currently continuing for a service to operate at some point in the year, including a planning application for a temporary marquee to be put up to house the horse trams.

Of course, the old home of the horse trams at Strathallan was demolished at the end of November 2018 and the replacement building won’t be ready until 2020 which means the trams are homeless for 2019. To this end the Department of Infrastructure have submitted an application for a marquee to be constructed on the old Summerland complex with space for approximately six trams. This looks as if it will replace the previous application for a temporary building and it will also include a short extension of the tramway with rails leading into the structure.

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