September Review – Isle of Man: No. 6 – The end of the MER Cavalcade

And the mass Cavalcade comes to a conclusion in this article as we head through Crossbench Cars, the Winter Saloon before ending with another Crossbench!

Crossbench 16 and trailer 60 pass Winter Saloon 21.

Resplendent in its Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey Electric Tramway livery Winter Saloon 19 hauls enclosed trailer 57 towards Laxey Station.

In its only outside appearance of the anniversary week green liveried Winter Saloon 21 gently makes it way into the Cavalcade.

The Cavalcade was ended by the newest motor of all, Crossbench 33. With the motor partnered with trailer 61 they were the only pair to remain in service during the Cavalcade. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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