NET’s popularity with passengers remains high

A new report has shown that the popularity of Nottingham Express Transit remains high with 98% saying they would recommend the network to friends and family. The survey was conducted by Tramlink Nottingham and took place between 12th May and 16th June 2017 (1,530 passengers completed the survey) with 94% of those questioned also saying they were satisfied with the service.

The results of the survey indicate that there is an increase in frequent travel – especially with students which has been particularly evident since the stop at the University of Nottingham opened in 2015.

On the whole the results of the survey were positive with 98% happy with the frequency of the service and 94% happy with the reliability of the trams. 93% were also impressed with the ease of getting on and off the tram whilst 84% – a 5% increase – said customer service was either good or very good.

Other positive results were:

98% found the NET website useful or very useful

96% found social media accounts useful or very useful

85% found it easy to purchase a tram ticket

88% found the overall NET service easy to understand

As would be expected with surveys of this type it wasn’t all positive though with only 23% of those questioned in favour of further extensions of the network. 19.9% felt that the trams were too busy with a particular demand that more seating was provided on the trams (12.6%) and also at stops (19.6%). NET have confirmed that they have no plans to review the amount of seating on board the trams but have stated that with the high frequency of trams passengers do have the option of waiting until the next tram comes along.

A second survey also took place with non-users of the system – 1,296 people were questioned between 16th and 30th June across key commuter and travel points close to the network. Of these 20.1% said that there was nothing which could be done to persuade them to use the tram whilst 14.8% suggested new lines would help and 14.1% made the suggestion of new stops. Of possible new routes lines to Long Eaton, Mansfield and Derby were all suggested by respondents.

* The full results of the survey can be accessed at

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