Metrolink Monsters unleashed!

A new campaign to encourage good and deter bad behaviour has been launched on Manchester Metrolink – Metrolink Monsters! The new advertising campaign will appear at stops, adverts inside the trams, across social media and on a special website at

Amongst the monsters being released into public are foul-mouthed Rude Jude, lazy litter lout Lenny and Crumby Chris, who leaves food all over the seats. But its not all about the bad monsters as there is Patient Penny, who waits for others to get off first. Several other monsters are also available and you can find out which one you are by taking a fun quiz on the Metrolink Monsters website (although results are varied as apparently I’m Patient Penny!)

There is also a game available – beware it can be quite addictive! – where you can chose from one of three good characters and then navigate other monsters and their annoying behaviours and collect coins and Travelcards for extra points as you travel along the inside of a tram. You can then post your score on the leader board to win prizes.

Danny Vaughan, TfGM Head of Metrolink, said: “Across Metrolink our teams of ticket inspectors and TravelSafe officers are tackling fare evasion, crime and antisocial behaviour. But low-level bad behaviour, such as eating smelly food, swearing or sneezing without covering your nose, can be just as upsetting to others, and much more common. This campaign is a light-hearted way of getting the message across that by being considerate and thinking about our fellow passengers we can all do our bit to make travelling by tram a much more enjoyable experience.”

The campaign will run until Friday 22nd April. And don’t forget to take the quiz as to which monster you are and to play the game you need to go to

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