Trams return in Dublin – but still not a full service

The effects of Storm Emma are still being felt in Dublin with a third day of interrupted services on Saturday 3rd March although at least some trams are now running on the Red line.

A limited service was resumed on the Red line between Red Cow and The Blackhorse from 1300 on 3rd March with trams running every 30 minutes. The sphere of operation was then extended to run from Red Cow to The Point from 1430. This was only made possible by Luas staff clearing snow off the track and platforms with a very high volume of snow and snow drifts – up to 5 feet of snow reported on the Green line – having to be moved to allow a tram service to resume.

Other sections of the Red line and the complete Green line continue to be blocked by significant snow with staff still working to clear this to allow more sections of the system to be opened again. It is hoped that the Green line will start running again at some point in the morning on Sunday 4th March once there has been an inspection of the tracks and platforms but Luas’ latest update has not given an estimate for the resumption of trams on the Red line from Red Cow to Tallaght/Saggart. However, they have confirmed the Red line will see a 20 minute frequency from 0700 on Sunday 4th March.

More on this when Luas release further information.

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