Snow! Disruption on some English tram systems

Whilst both Edinburgh and Dublin have been hit by heavy snow which for the latter involved a complete service shutdown the situation hasn’t been quite as severe in England. On the whole it has been calmer although as Thursday 1st March progressed Manchester Metrolink started to see more disruption across the network.

Blackpool Tramway

Heavy snow is a rarity in Blackpool and with light snowfall on Monday 26th February no problems were reported

London Tramlink

Full service has been operating throughout

Manchester Metrolink

On Thursday 1st March the Oldham and Rochdale line was suspended. At times no trams were able to run at all between Rochdale and Victoria although later in the day a service was resumed from Victoria to Newton Heath and Moston.

The Bury line was also suspended because of severe weather from mid-afternoon.

A power supply issue also caused problems which meant services from Ashton-under-Lyne only ran as far as Clayton with those from Eccles turned short at Deansgate-Castlefield. The Altrincham service also ran direct from Altrincham to Queen’s Road.

Midland Metro

Again not very heavy snowfall in the West Midlands but there have been delays on 1st March with points problems at both Wolverhampton and Grand Central whilst services were also turned at Priestfield during the late afternoon because of heavy traffic on Bilston Road.

Nottingham Express Transit

A slightly extended wait was reported for passengers with trams travelling at slower speeds due to the adverse weather conditions

Stagecoach Supertram

Despite heavy snow in Sheffield a normal service has been running once showing its worth to the area with many bus services suspended

London Tramlink Stadler 2558 heads through the snow on 28th February. Note the destination on the tram which is running from Wimbledon to Beckenham Junction on the new service. Tram captured at Arena. (Photograph by Kevin Saltmarsh)

In Sheffield on 1st March and 102 pauses at Sheffield Station running through the snow to Halfway.

With colours to (almost) match the snow 120 arrives at Sheffield Station.

124 approaches Sheffield Station with a Purple route service to Herdings Park. (Photographs x3 by Stuart Cooke)


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