In Pictures: Blackpool preparatory works

The past few days may have seen claims that it won’t be possible for trams to run to North Station until 2020 at the earliest because a new Wilkinson’s store won’t be built until then but that doesn’t mean that the preparatory works for the construction of the short extension of the Blackpool Tramway have finished. As part of a general utility works in the area the first stages of work in preparation for the laying of the tramway has been taking place since before Christmas and although there is no evidence that a tramway is coming this is a vital stage for any tramway in the UK. Glyn Hill with the photos.

The compound in Talbot Square. The first rails have now been delivered for eventual laying.

Mounds of earth are evidence that work has been taking place.

More work looking up Talbot Road towards where the North Station terminus will eventually be constructed. (All Photographs by Glyn Hill)

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