In Pictures: Crumpsall Metrolink stop in transition

Work is continuing at Crumpsall which will see it transformed to allow trams from the Trafford Park line to terminate without getting in the way of the 10 trams an hour which currently run through to Bury. So far work has been concentrating on the current platform infrastructure with new passenger ramps being constructed ahead of a new platform face being added for the terminating services. Mike Haddon with the pictures.

View at the south end of the new Manchester bound platform ramp showing the location where the additional turn back track for Trafford Park line services will be installed.

Again at the south end of the stop this image shows the newly constructed pedestrian ramps that have displaced disused sections of the former railway station platforms.

Taken at the south end of the Bury bound platform this view shows the newly constructed pedestrian ramps, as 3032 (leading) & 3035 resume their Altrincham bound journey.

Elevated view of the newly completed pedestrian crossing ramps. Once alternative access is available to the Manchester bound platform, the existing steel ramp structure, seen left of picture, will be removed to make way for the additional track and platform face that will be installed for the use of terminating Trafford Park line services. (All Photographs by Mike Haddon, 14th November 2017)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Crumpsall Metrolink stop in transition

  1. KenW says:

    I thought that turning round terminating trams from the city was what the centre platform at Victoria and the turnback siding at Millgate were supposed to be for.

    • Gareth Prior says:

      Trams from Manchester Airport will terminate at Victoria once TMS is commissioned. I would imagine that the added advantage of the work at Crumpsall is that it will add extra capacity towards Bury, although it will be a while before trams from Trafford Park are going anywhere!