Picture in Time: South Yorkshire Supertram 10

We have more early images from the South Yorkshire Supertram system for you in this instalment of Picture in Time. These photos date from 1994 and show no. 10 in service.

Both of these images were taken on 12th August 1994 at which stage only the first part of the South Yorkshire Supertram network had opened, that between Fitzalan Square and Meadowhall. We see 10 – one of the 25 trams built by Siemens-Duewag for the opening of the line – at Woodbourn Road showing one of the many steep gradients enjoyed on the line.

In this first photo we see 10 climbing up from the stop at Woodbourn Road towards Nunnery Square Depot and then Sheffield City Centre.

And then a few seconds later 10 has left the stop behind and continues it climb. The tram is carrying the original livery but the roller blinds are not in action with temporary destination blinds carried in the lower cab. This one shows the return journey to Meadowhall.

Both Photographs by Bob Hodges

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