In Pictures: Bilston Road trackworks carry on

The deadline for reopening Midland Metro through to Wolverhampton St George’s is now rapidly approaching – in time for Christmas is the plan – which means good progress should be able to be seen along Bilston Road and at the city centre junction in this major project to upgrade the tramway. In this latest pictorial update we do see that a lot of work has now been completed but there does still seem to be a fair bit of track to be laid and full road surface returned whilst on the junction finishing works are now underway. Andy Walters with the pictures.

The old and new track remains severed at Priestfield.

A little further along Bilston Road and the Wolverhampton bound track is complete with work continuing on the track to Birmingham although the new track is now in position.

At an earlier stage of progress this section still requires some track to be laid before it can be fully secured and the new road surface added.

With a dip in the road surface visible as the track heads under the bridge more track laying is seen.

Just short of The Royal and the road surface is being renewed.

Finishing works are continuing at the junction to the new City Centre extension.

Taken from a bus an aerial view of the new junction. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 10th November 2017)

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