In Pictures: Bilston Road rail replacement works

We now know where some of the old track from Bilston Road is going (see other story tonight on the Black Country Living Museum’s donation) but what of the ongoing project to replace the track to allow Midland Metro services to run back through to Wolverhampton? With the project now entering its final two months (having started back on 11th June) good progress continues to be made and the Midland Metro Alliance continue to report that all is on target for a completion before Christmas. This latest pictorial shows the current state of play.

In this view with the track now installed the road surface is put into place.

With Priestfield in the distance welding takes place on the track.

More work to be done here on track laying.

Progress has been made on the installation of the points for the Wolverhampton City Centre extension during the past week as seen here. Sleepers are now marking the new track layout. The proximity to the St George’s terminus is evident here. (All Photographs by Andy Walters)

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