In Pictures: IKEA opens in Sheffield

Thursday 28th September saw the latest IKEA open in the UK with the new store opening adjacent to Carbrook Supertram stop. This is the second IKEA to have a tramstop directly serving it with Ampere Way on London Tramlink the other whilst there is also an IKEA close to Manchester Metrolink on the Ashton-under-Lyne line. Supertram are publicising how easy it is to get there by tram but also warning passengers that there are restrictions to just how much you can carry onto the tram!

IKEA’s very own tram, 111, was allocated to the Yellow route for opening day and is seen here at Carbrook on a journey for Meadowhall.

The IKEA logo has been added to the Carbrook stop signs just in case you don’t notice the massive blue building!

In the lead up to the opening the Carbrook stop signs were removed for the IKEA logo to be added which necessitated the use of this temporary sign. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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One Response to In Pictures: IKEA opens in Sheffield

  1. KenW says:

    From my experience of Ikea furniture I think you would reach the limit of how much weight you could carry before space limitations came into the equation!