In Pictures: Crich opens for 2017

Services resumed at the Crich Tramway Village on Saturday 18th March for the start of another operating season which will see trams run every day until Sunday 5th November 2017. The standard three tram service was in operation with Chesterfield 7 the first tram out to carry out the pre-service check on the line and then Leeds 180 formed the first passenger journeys of the year. Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331 was also in service and Berlin 223 006-4 resumed its access tram duties as well. It is planned that at least a three tram service will be in operation each day until the end of the season with more running during some special events.

Chesterfield 7 leaves the depot ready to carry out the pre-service check on the line.

Chesterfield 7 is joined just outside the depot with Leeds 180 and Leeds 345 for company.

The third service car, MET 331, waits at Stephenson Place.

Berlin 223 006-4 runs wrong line down to Town End passing MET 331 in the process.

As Leeds 180 prepares to depart with the first service we see the access tram continuing its way down to Town End as MET 331 looks on.

Leeds 180 waits at Glory Mine having arrived with the first service of the year. (All Photographs courtesy of Crich Tramway Village)

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