In Pictures: Tram-Train project construction update

The slow and steady progress on the infrastructure for the tram-train project between Sheffield and Rotherham is continuing as shown in this latest pictorial update from the camera of Glyn Hill.

Overhead masts have now arrived at Rotherham Parkgate as seen in this view. The masts are now in situ all the way from Tinsley to Parkgate although there needs some support at Rotherham Central station in the sloping canopy over the platforms and masts on the line to the tram stop.

Another view of the masts at Parkgate.

The masts close the footbridge at Parkgate.

Work is continuing on constructing the platforms at Rotherham Parkgate.

This is the north east side of Tinsley Viaduct where work is nearly completed.

The south east side of Tinsley Viaduct almost ready to connect to the tramway. (All Photographs by Glyn Hill)

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7 Responses to In Pictures: Tram-Train project construction update

  1. John Gilbert says:

    Yes, well it’s good to see this progress, but what an interminable time it has taken to get this far!! Could be pigeonholed under the only-too common Oxymoron, “British competence and efficiency.” Truly pathetic.

  2. David Mee says:

    It seems that once again unless you live in Manchester it takes forever and a day to achieve anything with second generation Light Rail in the UK. Wonder what will open first – Supertram/train to Rotherham, North Station in Blackpool or Trafford Park in Manchester? Metrolink always give a date well in advance for opening and then tend to beat it by a big margin and I would therefore not be surprised if Trafford Park opens before the Sheffield and Blackpool schemes.

    • Ken Walker says:

      Metrolink weren’t so good in the early days of ‘phase 3′ with some substantial delays in openings although they did manage to turn it round sfter a while

    • Ken Walker says:

      Of course in this instance it appears to be Network Rail who are dragging their feet and seem to have higher priorities, not to mention that initially the Sheffield/Huddersfield route was supposed to be the tram-train test route until it appeared to have been shunted into the ‘too difficult’ tray.
      Supertram already have their fleet and started receiving them over 12 months ago, there isn’t much more they can do without a route to run on, although it remains a mystery why they haven’t commissioned the part of the fleet that was supposed to be for supplementing the existing fleet.

  3. Nigel Pennick says:

    Although it’s good some progress is being made, it’s clear this project is not the number one priority of Network Rail. The long delayed and over-budget handling of the Great Western electrification shows that this one is not a priority. ‘Kicked into the long grass’ it seems.

  4. Nigel Jones says:

    Talk elsewhere suggests there is ‘Doomsday’ date of Sept 2017 for trails to be underway. Apparently should this be breached Stagecoach Supertram can pull out of the trail!! Id wager there’s more tails or woe to come from this story yet!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know someone who is part of the management team at Supertram. Although there is a clause in their contract that would allow them to “walk away”, this is not something that is being considered at all….. thankfully