Crich 150 Not Out!

On Sunday 31st May the Crich Tramway Village celebrated 150 years of trams in Britain with a special event entitled “150 Not Out!”. Although the event was not aimed at the enthusiast community – the target audience was apparently families with a funfair taking place by the Bandstand – there was still plenty to keep tram fans interested for most of the day.

The highlight of the day for anyone interested in trams probably had to be the rare use of Sheffield 15. This horse tram at Crich is normally only used once a year during the Edwardian Day but as such a special anniversary was being celebrated it was decided to use it on this day as well. Horse “Major” was used to haul the tram between Town End and the Depot crossover for much of the and it seemed that most journeys saw the tram filled to capacity making it a hugely popular attraction on the day.

The other major tram related item of the day was the use of Chesterfield 7 which had been specially decorated for the event. The tram had British flags, bunting and greenery attached turning heads wherever it went. Of course in the days of trams many vehicles carried bunting such as this during opening ceremonies and visits from major dignitaries so to see 7 so decorated was a great little touch.

The Museum was fairly busy on this day and at the times the morning service trams of 7, Blackpool 40, Johannesburg 60, MET 331 and Liverpool 869 struggled to cope with the crowds. In the afternoon to help move people Southampton 45 and London Transport 1622 were used in service as well whilst Access Tram Berlin 3006 also made a number of trips.

Elsewhere on the tram front during the day there were a few movements within the Depot including Glasgow 22 from the Workshop (where it had been undergoing a routine exam) to the Depot, Sheffield 74 which was moved to the Workshop and Blackpool & Fleetwood 2 which was shunted to free 3006 to allow it to enter service. In addition Blackpool 717 and the Modern Tower Wagon TW3 were in use as the overhead was looked at in the Depot Yard.

In addition to the trams there was a band performing in the Town, music being patched through speakers in both the Town and at Wakebridge from all the decades of the past 150 years and at the Bandstand there was a Fun Fair.

Service Trams:

Chesterfield 7

Sheffield 15 (1100 to 1600 only with break)

Blackpool 40

Southampton 45 (afternoon)

Johannesburg 60

Metropolitan 331

Liverpool 869

London Transport 1622 (afternoon)

Berlin 3006

Also Out:

Cardiff 131

Blackpool Electric Locomotive 717 & Modern Tower Wagon TW3 (inspecting overhead within Depot Yard)


Blackpool & Fleetwood 2

Glasgow 22

Sheffield 74

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