Picture in Time: Blackpool Balloon 726

Our latest instalment of Picture in Time is once again in Blackpool and the tram we feature is the last built of the iconic Balloon Cars – 726.

Although we have previously included 726 in this series of archive photos we haven’t seen the tram carrying its last all over advert – an advert it still carries today in outside storage in Fleetwood. Which is rather appropriate as it is in Fleetwood that we actually see the tram as it approaches the loading stop at Fleetwood Ferry on the Esplanade on 21st September 2009. By this time 726 had been carrying this attractive advert livery for HM Coastguard for two years and as mentioned above would retain it until its final withdrawal at the end of the 2010 season. Since the upgrading of the tramway 726 has been sold and is now stored at Wyre Dock along with the trams of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure although it is in the ownership of a private individual.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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1 Response to Picture in Time: Blackpool Balloon 726

  1. Matt says:

    She’s complete, water tight and in fab nick. Got a hat to put on her soon for better protection. Just really do need a workshop for this one for proper restoration to start. Due to the nice bending of the underframe. But all else is good. Going to be slow this year on both trams with the imminent arrival of the latest member of the family, but once all has settled I hope to get back out cracking on with them. There’s certainly things going on behind the scenes. Parts being made ready and parts being refurbished. So all good!

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