399 204 arrives in Sheffield

Having waited so long between the first and second tram-trains to arrive in Sheffield the deliveries have now definitely accelerated with 399 204 the latest to arrive following the long journey from Spain. The tram – which is unsurprisingly the fourth of the seven vehicles being constructed by Vossloh primarily for the tram-train pilot to Rotherham Parkgate but also to increase capacity on the existing network – arrived at Nunnery Square in the early hours of Tuesday 19th July. It will now undergo commissioning ahead of a start on testing and driver training and then an eventual entry into service.

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2 Responses to 399 204 arrives in Sheffield

  1. John says:

    I recently saw reference to accident damage on at least one of the new Trams. Can anyone shed any light or was the poster (on fb) mistaken?

    • Gareth Prior says:

      Apparently 201 and 202 may have been involved in a collision at the depot. Presumably only minor damage but nonetheless not a great start!

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