In Pictures: 3115 arrives in Manchester with 3114 entering service

The expansion of the Manchester Metrolink fleet has continued with 3115 now in the city with the previous arrival – 3114 – also now having carried its first passengers. With 3115 arriving it now means that there are only five M5000s remaining to be delivered of the current order.

In chronological order the latest developments started on Saturday 7th May when 3115 arrived at Queen’s Road Depot on the back of a low loader having made its way from mainland Europe via Hull Docks. The tram was soon unloaded and moved into the workshops where a start was made on its commissioning – and the application of its spots! – which will soon be followed by mileage accumulation and then an eventual entry into service.

Moving forward four days and Wednesday 11th May saw the entry into service of 3114 – which had arrived in Manchester on 16th April. The tram had been undergoing testing and mileage accumulation in the lead up to its clearance for service.

Deliveries of the M5000s will continue over the next few months but the end is now firmly in sight for the last (for now?) of the 120 strong class of Bombardier built trams.

3115 arrives at Queen's Road on 7th May.

Another view of 3115 upon its arrival. (Photographs x2 by Steve Kemp)

3114 stands at Rochdale Town Centre on a sunny 9th May. (Photograph by Paul Gilbert)

3114 meets 3113 at Shaw & Crompton on 11th May.

3114 at Exchange Square on 11th May when it ran in passenger service for the first time on the Shaw & Crompton service. (Photographs x2 by Steve Kemp)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: 3115 arrives in Manchester with 3114 entering service

  1. metrolink fan says:

    3115 tram is now in service doing Ashton – Rochdale or Shaw – Exchange square route.

    3116 tram became 116 tram arrived to Manchester last Saturday (4th June) and current doing mileage testing. (I believe last tram (3120) to be delivered around mid August 2016)

    • Ken Walker says:

      3115 was on Ashton-Rochdale. I just managed to catch it at Victoria this afternoon! Very rough riding at speed for a brand new vehicle. Sounded like it had wheel flats as well.