Blackpool’s award winning heritage trams!

Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours were presented with a special trophy at the Blackpool Civic Trust Awards, held on the evening of Friday 26th February in the Paradise Room at the Pleasure Beach. This is a wonderful acknowledgement of the incredible progress that has been made in the last twelve months to develop the heritage trams as one of Blackpool’s most valuable attractions, much of which has been achieved by dedicated volunteers.

A number of members of the heritage team attended the ceremony to collect their award, including Head of Heritage Bryan Lindop and Blackpool Transport’s Managing Director Jane Cole, who has been of great support to the whole operation. We offer our congratulations to everyone involved, and hope that this award will be the first of many!

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3 Responses to Blackpool’s award winning heritage trams!

  1. Chris Rose says:

    Well deserved award.

  2. John Gilbert says:

    But would be nice to see bought some resilient-wheeled trucks, say from scrapped PCC type cars, e.g. from Brussels, to eliminate unpleasant track noise from the heritage trams, especially the Balloons. Such noise always comes from the wheels.

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      Thankfully, the Blackpool Heritage Trust has been created to try and retain and restore the character of the old Blackpool trams, rather than replace their trucks with quieter ones! I suspect that most people think the noise rather adds to the character of the vehicles. A realistic vintage tram experience shouldn’t be too quiet really.

      In any case, I imagine the cost of importing and adapting ex-PCC trucks would be huge, and there are plenty of other things that money can be spent on instead!