Update on the Trawler

The overhaul work on Blackpool’s illuminated Trawler 737 is continuing to make good progress. The tram has been residing in the Paint Shop for the last few weeks, and its repaint is now virtually complete with the car now looking immaculate again in its familiar black, white and red livery.

As reported previously, Lofthouse’s (the Fleetwood-based company who make the Fisherman’s Friend products on whose logo the Trawler is based) have made a generous financial donation to the Blackpool Heritage Trust to support the retention of ‘their’ tram in good condition. With its repaint almost complete, 737‘s next destination will be the Body Shop. There, the illuminations department will install new lighting features to the vehicle’s exterior which will give it a stunning new look. Details of the finished design remain under wraps but it is expected that 737 will look more striking than ever when it returns to use later this year!

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