MER model on sale now

If you are still looking for Christmas present ideas for the tram enthusiast in your life then look no further as a new model of Manx Electric Railway Winter Saloon 21 is now available directly from Isle of Man Railways (along with a model of one of the locomotives from the Steam Railway).

The collectors item of no. 21 is a 1:76 scale model and has been produced by Oxford Diecast on behalf of Isle of Man Railways. It is a non-motorised model with flush glazing and full interior styling and comes in IoM Exclusive Collectibles presentation packaging. (For those interested the accompanying steam locomotive is of no. 12 Hutchinson and is also made to 1:76 scale).

The model of tram is available for £24.95 and can also be purchased together with the steam locomotive for a joint price of £42. All orders are subject to postage and packing of £7 regardless of the number of models ordered.

You can either order online at immediately (they will be sent out as soon as they arrive on the island) or alternatively they can be purchased on the Isle of Man at the Welcome Centre, Douglas Sea Terminal, Ramsey Bus Station and Port Erin and Douglas Railway Stations from 14th December.

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9 Responses to MER model on sale now

  1. Bob says:

    The gauge – presumably 9mm? Bob.

    • Paul D says:

      The correct gauge would be 12mm to represent the 3ft of the prototype. I don’t know of anyone having definitively measured one yet, but is looks in proportion to the overall width of the tram and is certainly more than 9mm.

      If you are considering motorising one however, I appreciate that practicalities may lead you towards 9mm gauge (‘009’ in model railway terminology), but as you will need to replace the wheelsets and possibly much of the bogie structure that won’t matter too much.

  2. Kev says:

    Won’t it be 12mm? 4mm per foot x 3′ gauge = 12mm gauge at 4mm scale.

  3. connor lowrey says:

    According to model rail magazine these models would either be OO or N I didn’t get a proper look as I was rushing.

    • Paul D says:

      We know they are 1:76 SCALE (the size ratio of model to prototype) which is the same scale as used for OO models, it is the GAUGE (distance between the rails) that is being queried. Being a Narrow gauge prototype, this should be less than the 16.5mm used for OO models – as both Kev and I have stated above, 12mm would be the correct gauge to represent the 3ft of the prototype…

      Strictly speaking, while they are the same scale as OO they are not “OO Gauge” models…

      • Ken Walker says:

        Having purchased both the MER 21 and IoMR 12 models, and being in possession of some 12mm track, long ago known as ‘TT’ gauge, for some Branchlines IoMR kits which I purchased a while ago (and have yet to finish!) I can confirm that these models fit on 12mm gauge track.

  4. John says:

    If I may play devils advocate I think most people will want to motorise to 16.5mm gauge. According to facebook the experts are working on it!

    • Paul D says:

      Not at all surprised that the usual suspects are already working on it John, though the 009 modellers are apparently also working on both 21 and Hutchinson! 🙂

  5. Kev says:

    Have just received both of these excellent models. I may have to invest in the tasty looking trailer from CWRailways. Lets hope this works well and is the start of many more souvenir models from our Heritage Tramways and museums. MER 1 and 2 anyone?………….

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