In Pictures: Metrolink welcomes 3106 to town

The deliveries of Manchester Metrolink’s Bombardier built M5000 trams is continuing with Saturday 31st October seeing 3106 arriving at Queens Road Depot. Often when one new tram arrives the previous delivery has just entered service but on this occasion 3105 is still undergoing testing and mileage accumulation and at the time of writing has yet to carry its first passengers.

3106 arrives in Manchester.

3105 looks on from the depot as 3106 arrives at Queens Road on the back of a lorry. (Both Photographs by Steve Kemp)

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  1. Colin Schorah says:

    3105 in service Friday 30th October inbound to Piccadilly from the north at 1630 ish. Sorry but don’t know the destination but seen running solo from Piccadilly Gardens.

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