Daytime testing starts in Edinburgh city centre

As reported earlier this week daytime testing in Edinburgh city centre has now commenced with the first test run taking place shortly after 1500 on Thursday 20th February. Tram 265 was the tram chosen to undertake this first run and judging by the reaction on social media sites it seems to have proved to be popular with photographers in the city.

Cllr Lesley Hinds, transport convener on the City Council, was very pleased: “Like a lot of people who were tweeting about it, I was very excited to spot the tram from my office window as it travelled along Princes Street and back again today. It’s a historic moment for Edinburgh and reflects a key moment in the project where we’ll now begin to see more and more trams out on the full route during the day as we push on with the testing, commissioning and driver training programme.”

Meanwhile the Director and General Manager of Edinburgh Trams, Tom Norris, was on board the tram: “It was quite something being on board as we brought the tram into the on-street section for its first daytime test. Like the first night-time tram, it seemed to generate lots of interest – most people’s first response seemed to be to reach for their phone or camera and get a picture. Today’s test is the latest in a comprehensive programme of system testing and driver training. We’re looking forward to getting more and more drivers used to daytime on-street road and traffic conditions over the coming weeks.”

Testing will gradually increase over the entire route over the coming weeks ahead of a planned opening in May with an exact date not yet announced.

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4 Responses to Daytime testing starts in Edinburgh city centre

  1. Geoff, Isle of Man says:

    Amazing, the way all the ‘naysayers’ suddenly become converts, once they see the trams in operation! I expect this trend to continue, with (eventually) even the Edinburgh Evening News running a headline like “City so proud of its new trams”!

  2. Bill Barlow says:

    Edinburgh Trams website has posted a cab view ride from Haymarket to
    York Place. It has an elongated effect as it is from the front cctv cam, but is worth a visit.
    At least 8 trams now carry the white/madder/platinum livery.

  3. barry says:

    enjoy your new trams. they sure make getting around easier

  4. Bill Barlow says:

    26th feb full route Airport-York Pl. now on to watch