In Pictures: 3061 becomes a Rockstar

We reported earlier this month that 3061 had received a new advert and in this article we view the tram with its latest look carrying vinyls for Rockstar energy drink.

The advert on 3061 is one of the double sided ads with different vinyls on either side. The first side is green and blue with the other being red and purple (each half of the tram has a different colour). There is some use of window vinyl on both sides.

3061 had previously been in fleet livery (but only for a short period) having carried an advert for Rochdale Town Hall from February to May 2024. Other adverts in its past have included Babyliss, GetOnBoard and Pegasus Airlines.

Other advert news has seen 3047 also lose its vinyls (for the AO Arena, carried since March 2024), 3095 receive a wrap for the Coronation Street experience whilst the advert on 3118 for AliExpress also includes ceiling adverts inside the tram.

This is the green/blue side of 3061’s advert for Rockstar as it stops at Deansgate-Castlefield as part of a double.

And here is the other side with this being the purple end.

On board 3118 where we take a look up at the ceiling adverts. (All Photographs by Reece Hughes, 12th June 2024)

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  1. Metrolink-Oldham says:

    3047 got new advert attached to it as is now advertising “KFC” in full warp livery.

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