In Pictures: Who would have thought it? Two more adverts in Edinburgh!

Another week and there is not one but two more new adverts for trams in Edinburgh! Whilst recently we have seen several full vinyl wrap adverts this time it’s a more standard Edinburgh style with the trams now sporting new looks being 254 and 268.

The new advertiser for 268 is the Jonnie Walker Experience on Princes Street. This is the second time that the visitor attraction has advertised on a tram in Edinburgh with 267 previously being adorned with vinyls for it back at the tail end of 2019. The advert includes different vinyls of either side with one side including a red background and that on the other being blue.

For 268 this is a bit of a change and for the first time since receiving its first advert in 2018 it has advertised Edinburgh Park. Its had two separate adverts in that time with the first one being for Parabola Edinburgh Park between June 2018 and October 2020 and then another Edinburgh Park design from the removal of those vinyls until now. This new advert is just the third different design in five years it has carried!

Strangely the other new advert can be seen on 254 – which like 268 has had two previous adverts both for Edinburgh Park! The tram is now advertising The Famous Grouse “Spirit of Scottish Rugby” with the whisky company sponsoring the Summer Rugby Internationals taking place at Murrayfield Stadium as part of their wider rugby sponsorship. The ad features a dark red background and includes the slogan “Highball Specialists”.

As we mentioned 254 has had two previous adverts. June 2018-October 2020 saw it carry an ad for Parabola Edinburgh Park and then October 2020-August 2020 has seen it in an Edinburgh Park advert. Almost but not quite identical to 268!

In other advert news and 260 has now debuted in its Royal Yacht Britannia full vinyl wrap. Its first day back was Saturday 5th August.

The red side of 268’s advert is seen here as the tram rests at Gogar Depot. Its in the usual style with the two full height adverts on sections three and five.

The reverse side of the advert as the tram approaches Edinnburgh Park Central on the way to Newhaven.

260 is also seen at Edinburgh Park Central. This was its first day back in use since the application of this vinyl wrap for the Royal Yacht Britannia. (Photographs x3 by blackpool_trams, 5th August 2023)

254’s new look on Princes Street. This is the full tram and advert.

And a look at one of the full height adverts showing more detaill. (Photographs x2 by Roy Calderwood, 8th August 2023)

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