Squatters cause Seaton 4 to be taken out of service!

This is another one of those unusual news stories (it would probably have been one of those “And Finally” stories on the News at Ten!) but the Seaton Tramway have announced that they have to take tram no. 4 out of service, although there is nothing wrong with the tram its just its welcomed some squatters on board!

As we all know the Seaton Tramway is well know for the wildlife that can be seen from on-board the trams with the Axe Estuary on one side and the Seaton Wetlands on the other. And because of that it has always been welcoming for wildlife and those with an interest in it, with the Bird Watching Tram running regularly throughout the year. They’ve now become even more welcoming as a wren has decided that on board 4 is the best place to set up their nest!

The nest (which is located under the canopy on the centre platform by a breaker) was discovered by one of the Tramway’s Inspectors when 4 was being prepared for service on Saturday 11th May and so the only sensible decision to leave the tram in peace was made with 16 being used for service instead.

As an interesting fact the tramway also gave the information that male wrens usually built 5-10 nests before the female decides which one to go for so obviously in this case Mrs Wren thought that Mr Wren had taste in going for no. 4 – and who are we to disagree with that!

  • Another tram which is currently out of service at Seaton is 12. The “Open Top Feltham” type tram hasn’t yet run in 2024 as it requires a replacement motor.
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