In Pictures: Another look at the trams at Carlton Colville

Yes, there has undoubtedly been a lot of attention on the East Anglia Transport Museum and the entry into service of Blackpool 634 earlier this year, but its not all about Blackpool trams at the museum (talking about trams of course and not considering all the other transport modes they have to offer). In this latest pictorial article from the camera of Bryan Grint we take a look at a couple of non-Blackpool trams which have run in service so far in 2024.

During the Blackpool Tram Event over the Easter weekend as well as the three operational Blackpool trams (Marton VAMBAC 11, Standard 159 and Brush 634) there was one other tram which was used, this was Sheffield 513 which is an honorary Blackpool car having operated there on loan. Since that event and a fifth tram has also entered service for the year with London Transport HR/2 1858 also being commissioned for use (having been moved for storage at the new west tram depot during the aforementioned special event it was soon moved back and swapped with stored Blackpool Balloon 726).

On a normal opening day at the East Anglia Transport Museum two trams are in service. They release planned allocations at the start of each month and for May the trams to be used will be alternating between 11, 513, 634 and 1858.

The London Trolleybus Preservation Society also have a base at Carlton Colville which includes several operational London trolleybuses. One of those is just sneaking into the background of this shot as HR/2 1858 waits at Chapel Road for its tram partner on 6th May 2024 to come back to allow it a trip up the line.

Another view of 1858 as it sits inside the depot on 5th May 2024. Its joined here by three other trams – Blackpool 159 and Blackpool 11 with Lowestoft 14 just visible at the back.

A view inside the lower saloon of 1858.

A look down the stairs on 1858.

Sheffield 513 arrives back at Chapel Road on 5th May 2024. Of course, Blackpool 634 waits for it at the terminus for its turn to run into the woods. The rear of Derby trolleybus 237 is on the left.

And a photo of Sheffield 513’s upper deck. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint)

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